Zen Kittens

$ 16.95

The Tao of Meow

Is it time to "paws and reflect?" Cats are mysterious and even enigmatic, one of the indicators they hold the keys to great wisdom. Is you cat really meditating when staring off into space? Perhaps your kitten is sleeping or maybe they are deeply contemplating the very meaning of life. In every cat's clear-eyed gaze lies a hint of secrets only they know. Cats will only come to you when they are ready but kittens are always ready for companionship and a good cuddle. These adorable fur balls embody the precepts of Zen Buddhism- harmony of body and mind and living fully in the present moment. Kittens exemplify the Power of Meow with their simplicity, grace and blissful Buddha-nature.

Each feline Zen Master in this lovely volume will get you one step closer to enlightenment as you follow the Four-Pawed Path. If you are looking for calm, clarity and insight into the teachings of Buddha, this is the purrrrfect book for you.