You Know You're 40 When...

$ 9.95

Are you almost over the hill? Know someone who is? Getting older is no fun, but it sure can be funny. How do you know when you're approaching the big 4-0? Here are a few clues:

Comb-overs are starting to make a certain kind of sense. A kid you once babysat is now your lawyer. At your checkups, the doctor has begun to ask if you're still sexually active. Midnight seems awfully late. You're more interested in websites that will calculate your Body Mass Index than in Internet porn. You receive two phone calls in a single week from people who want to sell you life insurance. 

Whether you've just found your first gray hair or you're peering around the corner to your midlife crisis, You Know You're 40 When... will tickle your funny bone (while you can still remember where to find it).