Vegan Food: Recipes And Preparation

$ 24.95

Vegan food gets increasingly exciting and accessible day by day, as more and more of us take up a cruelty-free lifestyle. But of course the reasons to go vegan don’t stop there, as it benefits our earth and our bodies in equal measure. 

  • What ‘vegan’ means, what the benefits are, busting common myths and how to make the transition
  • Key foods, equipment and basic techniques 
  • Basic recipes for staples such as mayonnaise, milk and yogurt 
  • Tempting recipes for breakfasts, drinks, sauces, snacks, main meals, sweet treats and more - from Choco Banana Oatmeal to Spaghetti with Meatless Balls to Sticky Mango Rice Pudding 
  • Accessible text by Sasha Fraser, a passionate advocate of veganism and raw food 
  • Gorgeous, inspirational photography