The Vegetarian Reset

$ 35.00

75 Low-carb, plant forward recipes from around the world. 

A plant-based diet can be transformative when it's rooted in eating whole foods and living sustainably. But when raw salads fail to satisfy palates and appetities, many turn to refined carbs such as bread, rice and noodles - foods that have been stripped of their nutrients and are deeply linked to chronic disease. 

In The Vegetarian Reset, we take a little trip around the world to draw inspiration from an array of traditional cuisines. Learn to cook creative and flavorful vegetarian meals that are low-carb and high protien, such as recipes for zucchini bread from scrathc, paella with cauliflower rice, or paneer transformed into gnoochi! 

Whether you already follow a low-carb lifestyle, or simply want to add more healthy dishes into your diet, discover that the tools to reset your plant-forward palate with these 75 recipes. 

By Vasudha Viswanath