The Man Who Has It All

$ 16.99

A Patronizing Parody of Self-Help Books for Women

While women have long been bombarded with advice about how to be the perfect mom, climb the corporate ladder, and have glowing skin––all at the same time––men have been left floundering. Can you be a dad and still feel sexy? Can curvy men truly be happy? Can men be funny?

Finally, The Man Who Has It All, drawn from the popular Twitter account, is the progressive guide that "empowers" men and shows them how they, too, can have it all! With gendered tips for career men and busy working dads on how to juggle fatherhood and still have a career, while maintaining the perfect bod, The Man Who Has It All isn't afraid to address the big questions:

* How can you express your opinion in the workplace without coming off as bossy?

* How do you prevent women from constantly interrupting you?

* What does your fave shape say about your parenting skills?

* How do you stop feeling guilty for everything?

* Should you smile more?

Uproarious, scathing, unsettling, and revealing, The Man Who Has It All seizes the established sexist narratives and double standards women hear too often in self-help books and magazines, and subverts them with a fiercely ironic feminist twist by speaking to an imaginary male audience––with hilarious and revolutionary results.