The Little Guide To Ted Lasso

$ 8.95

As irresistible as an open jar of peanut butter, Ted Lasso-the award-winning show about an American coach in England--is very much to the taste of television viewers around the world, as well as critics and prize-givers.

It may be the feel good nature of the show. It could be the timing-Ted Lasso was a lockdown sensation. Or perhaps it's the cracking script and cast. Whatever the reason, it somehow comes together perfectly. This sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal comedy of manners takes a look at relationships, teamwork, empowerment, inspiration, masculinity, mental health, and much much more.

BELIEVE delves into all aspects of the show and includes quotes from Ted, along with other characters and the writing team, as well as fun facts and stats. Then, of course, there's tea, scones, and soccer. So let's quit goofing around and get on with it... Whistle! Whistle!