The Little Book of Edgar Allan Poe

$ 8.95

Dark romance from the master of the macabre. 

Celebrated as the "arch-priest" of Gothic horror, Poe is chiefly remembered for the dark imaginings that haunted his unsettling poems and tales.

However, he was much more than a weaver of nightmares. Hailed as the architect of the modern short story as well as the inventor of modern detective fiction, Poe was also recognized as an accomplished editor and literary critic. Poet Alfred Tennyson regarded him as

"the most original American genius."

Showcasing quotes from Poe's short stories, poems, essays, and letters, alongside fascinating facts about his turbulent and often tragic life, this little book teems with mystery, madness, and the macabre. It is a fine celebration of one of the most singular talents in world literature.