The Language of Singing Bowls

$ 16.00

Singing bowls- often referred to as Tibetan bowls, although they come from a much larger region- have the potential to be the perfect companions of all who enjoy sound as a way of finding peace. You do not need enormous technique or training to extract beautiful sound from a singing bowl. With Frank Perry- generally acknowledged a master in the tradition- as your guide, you can not only aid your meditation practice, your yoga session or simply your quiet evening, with friends, you can understand and develop the power of the sound you are making.

Frank tells you almost everything you need to know about bowls and even the expert will find new insights. From this book you can choose and identify the bowls you want, learn what each is most useful for, and begin to make out the highly individual harmonics of each, known as 'partials'. You can build up a regular practice.

You will also learn the elements of sound healing, get to know the history of singing bowls, and gain insights into the language that they speak. Your singing bowl practice will be transformed.