The Illustrated Histories Of Everyday Inventions

$ 17.95

Discover the true stories behind the world's 64 most overlooked innovations. 

Great ideas feel rare and daunting to the dreamers who seek to create something that will matter, and most importantly, last. Invention is the great Everest of this. To create something brilliant out of thin air feels nearly impossible. 

But it is not thin air from which our greatest toys, technology, towers, trains and triumphs sprang forth. It is the disorganization of daily life. An ingenious everyday invention is often quiet and always unique. It lies hidden in the monotony of daily life because of its ingenuity. It is so useful, so helpful, so fun, or so smart that it doesn't stand out in the mind, and it doesn't call attention: it does its job. It does it so well we learn to take it for granted and allow it to blend seamlessly with our lives until it becomes a part of everyday life. So let's take a moment to appreciate the trivial, brilliant, tiny, monumental things that get us along.

In this book, you'll find 64 everyday inventions with the most fascinating stories. I've put them in the order that they happened, so we can watch them come to life on their real timeline. Our inventions come from all over the world and dance between cultures and times as inventions cross over, are improved upon, and are shared until reaching their refined form today. The inventions we use every day come from people of all walks of life, be it the innovative minds of Mesopotamia, the pioneers and papermakers of Ancient China, or a Long Island mother who noticed pizza needing saving. Read through, have fun, and thank the toasters and the toilets in your life.

By: Laura Hetherington