The Girl Who Rode A Shark

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At age eleven, Naomi Wadler stood before half a million people and transfixed her nation with a speech about gun violence.

At thirteen, Shannen Koostachin rallied young people across Canada to demand equal rights for Indigenous children.

When twenty-four-year-old athlete Arunima Sinha lost on of her legs, she resolved to climb Mount Everest, and succeeded.

In all times and places, women and girls have stepped up, spoken out, and defied expectations.

Through bold illustrations that combine portraits and hand-drawn maps, readers can trace the ocean-soaring flights of pilot Amelia Earhart, cheer ancient queen Teuta's defiance of the Roman Empire, and meet Kimi Werner- the freediving chef who hitched a ride on the dorsal fin of a great white shark.

Perfect for fans of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, The Girl Who Rode a Shark tells the inspiring stories of women artists, pioneers, scientists, activists, and athletes across history and around the world.