The Comic Book Story Of Baseball

$ 18.99

Step Up to the Plate with Baseball's Illustrated History

From expensive stadiums to schoolyard sandlots, the game of baseball has brought crowds, excitement, and plenty of athletic action to America (and the world) for years. Now in this complete graphic novel history of America's favorite pastime, writer Alex Irvine and artists Tomm Coker and C.P. Smith team up to present the origins and evolution, intrigue and exhilaration of the sport. The book runs the bases from the stick-and-ball games of colonial days, to the births of the National and American Leagues, to the surge in popularity of the game in the World War II era, to a triumphant look at how baseball teams (such as the Red Sox and Cubs) still surprise, inspire, and shock the world. Along the way, it spotlights unforgettable players, teams, and plays that have made baseball so beloved, including Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Albert Pujols, Miguel Cabrera, Pedro Martinez, and more, along with history and trivia that will amaze and entertain everyone from rookies to the most diehard fans.