The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions

$ 14.95

In Japan, Kenji Kawakami is famous for his tireless promotion of Chindogu: the art of the unuseless idea. Kawakami has developed an entire philosophy around these bizarre and logic-defying gadgets and gizmos, which must work but are actually entirely impractical. Created in the spirit of anarchy, unuseless inventions are not allowed to be patented or sold.

Fans of the unuseless will lose this completely absorbing collection of 200 Chindogu, including:

- the Drymobile (your laundry dries as you drive) - the Solar-Powered Torch (never runs low on batteries) - Duster Slippers For Cats (now the most boring job around the house becomes hours of fun... for your cat!) - Walk 'n' Wash Ankle-Attachable Laundry Tanks (a perfect solution for the problems of inadequate exercise and hygiene) - and many, many more!

These hilarious inventions have taken Japan by storm. Every one of the 200 items in The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions has been manufactured to the highest standards, fully tested by pioneering members of the Japanese public, and documented in their unuselessness with photographs.