Sorry I Barfed On Your Bed (and other Heartwarming letters from your kitty )

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Our feline friends have a lot on their minds, and they're caterwauling about more than just flea baths and empty food bowls:

* "What's with you only getting eight hours of sleep? Don't you know the daily minimum is sixteen?"

* "I'm sorry you can't go jogging with a kitty. But have you ever thought that with me you don't need to jog- I'm happy ignoring you just the way you are."

...and of course,

* "Sorry I barfed on the bed. I was sleeping on it, and now I have to get up."

From a cat explaining his need to shred toilet paper, to an open letter to a crazy cat lady, to a kitten's retelling of her horrific first bath, this cleverly funny collection of letters provides cat lovers a window into the whiskered souls of our favorite feline family members, and illustrates how our fuzzy little friends always manage to land on their feet.