$ 39.00

RIVSALT introduced a new way of adding salt to food. Natural Himalaya salt is grated onto the dish with a stainless-steel grater of highest quality. The salt and grater become the centerpiece of the dining room table when placed in the accompanying stand made from natural oak.

This original Rivsalt product includes a Japanese style grater, a Himalaya salt rock and a table stand made from natural oak. All items are delivered in an attractive cardboard gift tube.


Grater (HxWxD): 76x55x1.5 mm / 3x2.16x0.06 in.  

Table stand: Ø64x20 mm / Ø2.51x0.75 in

Himalayan salt rock: 20-50 mm / 0.79-1.97 in (varying shape). Approx. 40 g / 1.4 oz salt