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Late-Night Meals From The World's Best Chefs

At the end of a long night working the line, when the guests have all gone home and it is time to feed themselves and their friends, what are the world's greatest chefs really hungry for?

To find out, the editors of MUNCHIES, the game-changing food website from VICE Media, invited their favorite chefs--including Anthony Bourdain, Dominique Crenn, Danny Bowien, Enrique Olvera, and Christina Tosi--out for a night on the town. After being plied with food, drink, and questions, the chefs went back to their kitchens and whipped of some of their most creative, decadent dishes: Fried Chicken Fried Rice, Goat Poutine with Redeye Gravy, even a Giant Ham and Cheese Hot Pocket.

MUNCHIES collects sixty-five of these chef's most weirdly wonderful dishes--drinks to get the party started, plenty of things with tortillas and cheese, plus classy and trashy dishes for the bleary-eyed next day--into one raucous cookbook. Whether you're looking for party food to share with friends or a glimpse into the creative process of the world's top culinary talents, MUNCHIES has stories and recipes to satisfy any cravings.

JJ Goode, Helen Hollyman, and the Editors of MUNCHIES