Moon Ocean Earrings - Gold

$ 27.00

From our friends at A Tea Leaf Jewelry!

About this product:

A special collab with fellow maker and designer, Rachel Beyer! These designs are inspired by the picturesque landscape of the Pacific Northwest: the majestic mountains and rolling ocean waves! You can choose to keep it consistent with standard matching earring sets where both earrings portray either the ocean or the mountains. Or for a twist of creativity, opt for mixed sets that feature one ocean earring and one mountain earring! To top it off, each pair comes with a vibrant and whimsical earring card that matches the positivity and fun of this collab.

PENDANTS: Approximate Dimensions: 1 x 1 1/5 inches

GOLD: Ear wires are gold plated & pendants are raw brass. 

-or- SILVER: Ear wires are stainless steel & pendants are stainless steel.

Made in USA