Intoxerated - The Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary

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Intoxerated is the largest collection of synonyms for a single word ever assembled!

And what word might that be, you ask?

Drunk. Also, blitzed, roasted, whazood, stinko, and Boris Yeltsinned.

Paul Dickson-- wise-guy lexicographer and Guinness Book of World Records champ for "Most Synonyms"-- breaks his own world record with 2,985 synonyms for various states of intoxication.

A parlor game for more than 200 years, creating ever-expanding lists of synonyms for being tipsy has been a pursuit of the literary set since Benjamin Franklin first assembled his Drinker's Dictionary in 1735. He was followed by no less than Tom Paine, Charles Dickens, H.L. Mencken, and Langston Hughes.

This definitive compendium is extensively annotated-- full of off-beat explanations, like how the word "blotto" moved from the lips of P.G. Wodehouse, into the writings of Edmund Wilson, finally landing with Otto from The Simpsons ("My name is Otto, I like to get blotto").

Intoxerated celebrates the stunning variety and expressiveness of English, and our infinite ability to invent.