How To Fight A Bear And Win

$ 12.99

Read This Book: Your Life Just Might Depend On It (But It Probably Won’t.)

From the survivalist wing of Portable Press, it’s How to Fight a Bear and Win. Finally, the only survival book that will show you how to stay alive and thrive in the woods, the jungle, the arctic, and even prison... with style! Sure, you’ll learn how to find water in the desert, but this is the only book that will show you what really matters when you’re toughing it in the wilderness:

- What roadkill you can and cannot eat,

- How to build a shelter out of animal poop,

- How to make a canoe out of a tree,

- How to hack power from a flashlight,

- How not to bleed to death,

- And many, many more survival tips that we hope you’re desperate enough to use.