How To Eat A Lobster And Other Edible Enigmas Explained

$ 12.99


Sometimes a meal is going great... until the artichoke arrives. Then what do you do? (Answer: Starting at the bottom of the bulb gently pull off a leaf. Dip the bottom two-thirds of the leaf in melted butter. Use your teeth to scrape the soft flesh into your mouth. Repeat.)

Whether you need to give a toast or you're confronted with a kumquat, this book will show you how to navigate a meal gracefully and with minimal splatter. You'll learn the answers to 50 food etiquette questions you've been afraid to ask. And next time you burn your tongue, you'll know what to do. Equal parts cheat sheet and cheerleader, How to Eat a Lobster not only shows you how to open a coconut––it shows you that you can!