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Chef Sean Brock's drive to preserve and reinterpret America's heritage foods has sparked a national obsession with his groundbreaking restaurants. Husk and McCrady's Time magazine calls Brock "the most conspicuously gifted American chef of his generation," and in his much-anticipated first book, this Emmy-nominated, James Beard Award-winning chef presents all of the sublime dishes that have made him one of America's most acclaimed chefs. 

Born and raised in rural Virginia, Brock is an emissary of Southern food and culture. In these pages, he revels his mission to elevate Southern food into one of the greatest cuisines of the world. He introduces his favorite heritage ingredients, such as Carolina Gold rice, Sea Island red peas, heirloom corn, and sorghum, and the purveyors who supply him with the ingredients he reveres. Recipes from his McCrady's kitchen include Beet and Strawberry Salad with Sorrel and Rhubarb Vinaigrette; Stone Crab with Cucumber Juice, Fennel Jelly, and Raw Apple; and Roasted Duck with Turnips and Lovage Puree. Husk favorites such as Cripsy Pig's Ear Lettuce Wraps and Brown Oyster Stew with Benne are here too. But Brock isn't only a master chef. His cravings for down-home Southern food are reflected in recipes for such home-cooking standbys as Chicken Simply Roasted in a Skillet, Slow-Cooked Rib Eye, Pimento Cheese, and Chocolate Alamaba Stack Cake, making this a book any one can cook from. 

The book tells a story that will resonate with you no matter where you live. Brock's domain may be in the American South, but preserving one's heritage and regional heritage ingredients should be a mission for people everywhere. This uniquely personal tome is a testament to all that has made Sean Brock the world renowned chef he is today.