Green Homekeeping - Save Money And The Plant

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Every decision you make during the day, both large and small, has an impact on the environment. Make your footprint planet-positive. With the gentle guidance of eco-expert, Alice Mary Alvrez, you can start with baby steps and progress to advanced eco warrior! Start with these 52 creative ideas and easy ways to reduce your waste, eat organic, and keep toxins out of your home. Inside this helpful and hopeful guide, you'll find tips for greening up all the areas of your life. Learn surprising facts about your impact on the environment and change your habits with do-it-yourself ideas. Start with small, simple changes and work your way up to raising chickens, planting a bee-friendly garden, growing organic veggies instead of a high maintenance grass lawn, easy composting tips and recipes for toxin-free homemade eco cleansers and paint. Green Homekeeping is an inspiring and instructive guide to living the handmade life by consuming less and creating more.