Goodnight Brew - A Parody For Beer People

$ 16.95

It's closing time at the brewery. While the moon rises, the happy crew sings and dances as they wind down for the day. Join them in saying goodnight to the beer-making equipment, brew ingredients, and styles of suds.

It's a besotted bedtime story for beer lovers everywhere.

Don't miss the Brew Basics at the end of the book!

"This is the perfect nightcap."- Pete Limbach, New Belgium Brewing Company

"With the wit and authority you'd expect from a bedtime story about beer, this crazy book leaves you dreaming of hops and barley while inspiring you to get to the nearest brewery and thank the creators for their hard work."- Will Miss, beer columnist and blogger at

"Entertaining AND informative!"- Jared Lyden, Equinox Brewing

"In the music world, a cover song is only worth recording if it can top the original. Goodnight Brew brings that same attitude to the classic children's book. After reading, you'll wonder why anybody ever bothered with that moon business."- Patrick Dawson, author of Vintage Beer