$ 29.99

Are you confused about what foods are best for your body? 

Nutritionist and trained chef, Mia Rigden has created a program that will empower you to transform your eating habits. Foodwise is a path towards food freedom, reconnecting with your taste buds, and feeling great in the body you were born with. 

Foodwise presents Mia Rigden’s 21-day reset program, complete with 100 plant-forward recipes that will appeal to anyone looking to improve their health and relationship with food. With recipes such as her Blueberry-Basil Smoothie, Fresh Crab and Arugula Spaghetti, Za’atar-Crusted Chicken Cutlets, and Coconut-Curry & Lime Soup, establishing new habits, conquering cravings, reducing stress, healing your gut, improving your mood, and moving what you eat is not only easy but also enjoyable.