Everything is Awful

$ 17.00

Matt Bellassai has no idea what he's doing. Well, to be fair, he did become semi-Internet famous by getting drunk at work (for BuzzFeed's web series Whine About It, which is pretty good, if you ask his mother), making him a socially acceptable––nay––professional alcoholic. He's got some things figured out. But the rest is all just a terrible mess.

Call this a collection of awful moments that led to Matt's blundering adulthood––a chronicle of little indignities that amount to a life of hilarious anguish. With keen wit and plenty of self-deprecation, Matt reveals the obstacles to shedding his past as the Midwest's biggest nerd and the time he came out to his friends and family (the closet was a bit messy). Matt also wrestles with giving up on love in New York City, living alone with no one to heat his microwave dinners, and combating the inner voice that tells him to say aloud what the rest of us are smart enough to keep to ourselves.

You probably don't need this book, but lets be honest––you do. Better grab your glass(es) of wine, and enjoy.