Don't Buy This Book - Entrepreneurship for Creative People

$ 22.00

What is more important to you: making a lot of money or doing something that makes you happy? If you want to make a lot of money, don't buy this book. If you want to do what makes you happy and make a living doing it, then by all means, read the book.

As creative people, we always have at least 1 idea that we'd like to turn into a business. In 3 parts - Sell, Make and Grow - Don't Buy This Book covers everything from testing your idea to setting up your business and owning your impact as an entrepreneur.

Test your idea, write your first pitch, determine pricing, deal with budget-poor clients. Develop responsibly, hire the right people, create a stay strategy. Grow like a tree, avoid add-ons, handle competitors. Use the ToDon'tList Method. And save the world by doing nothing.