DIY Kombucha

$ 24.99

Since the relatively recent introduction of kombucha onto North American supermarket shelves, this healthy sparkling beverage has exploded in popularity. But can it be brewed at home, with the same tasty, healthy results?

With this straightforward, accessible, and highly visual how-to guide, author Andrea Potter does away with specialist jargon and expensive or hard-to-find equipment, showing how sparkling home-brews from kombucha to water kefir are definitely possible for just about anyone to make, and have fun doing it. Coverage includes:

- Basic fermentation science

- Controlling fizz, acidity, and alcohol content

- Secondary fermentation and adding flavors to the brew

- Wild-fermented sodas, using a ginger bug (a wild yeast cultures)

- Recipes for kombucha's honey-fed relative, Jun, as well as for water kefir.