Dessert Boards

$ 24.99

Boards and platters are incredibly popular nowadays,

with loads of recipes available for spreads made up of

cheeses, meats, dips, and other savory things. But what's

the board that will really get you, your family, and your

guests the most excited? A dessert board, of course!

Kellie Hemmerly's gorgeous Dessert Boards is the first-

ever cookbook devoted to boards that feature sweet

treats. The boards are perfect not just for dessert time,

but for snacking any time of day or night; for parties

and celebrations; for visits from family or friends; and

for sharing or gift-giving.

The 50 easy-to-make boards are kid- and family-friendly,

and each is at once stunning to behold and scrumptiously

tasty. The boards showcase all sorts of treats, from baked

things like bars, cookies, shortbreads, bundt cakes, and

mini pies, to fresh and colorful fruits, to truffles, candies,

s'mores, and more. With inventive boards for people who

love to bake as well as quick-fix boards that can be built

from store-bought goods, you'll find everything you need

to bring big smiles to your family and friends and lots of

extra sweetness to your life.

"I want to make

every board in this book!

Kellie has the most beautiful and

delicious ideas for boards that are also

approachable and perfect for family nights

or entertaining, My personal favorite

is the s'mores board!"

-Jessica Merchant, author of Everyday Dinners