Dear Universe

$ 20.00

200 Mini-Meditations for instant manifestations. 

TEN YEARS AGO, Sarah Prout walked away from an abusive marriage with two suitcases, two kids, and $30,000 in debt. Today she is happily married, running a million-dollar business, and helping people around the world achieve the lives of their dreams. She credits her success to manifesting and the law of attraction, beliefs that thinking positive or negative thoughts attracts positive or negative experiences into your life. Prout's message is simple-when you choose to guide your emotions, The Universe will show up and support you to find success, love, and more. Dear Universe is your guide-a book to turn to when you're looking for emotional guidance or a helping hand.

Dear Universe first contains 100 mini-meditations to help you rise above fear. Each meditation focuses on a single word like angry, lonely, or powerless. Then you're invited to aim for a love-based word from a second set of 100 meditations such as abundant, devoted, or passionate. Each includes a "Dear Universe" meditation to teach you the value of gratitude and celebration in manifesting the life of your dreams. This groundbreaking book is an invitation to call upon the energy of The Universe and manifest your own reality: a combination of practical guidance, soulful exercises, and nuggets of wisdom.

By Sarah Prout