C&C Funny Candles

$ 19.00

These are amazing candles for the funny guy in the family! Gift as a white elephant gift or to that one person who always keeps you laughing. Burns 50 hours - soy wax.

Mom Brain - Smells like dreams of a clean house, lemon, jasmine, and cotton

Calm Your Tits - Smalls like watermelon and chilling the f*ck out

Dad Bod - Smells like pot bellies, leather, amber, cinnamon, musk and vanilla

Rosebud Motel - Smells like "Ew David" damask roses, and smoky oud 

Party in my Pants - Smells like sexy time and burning wood

Basic Bitch - Smells like top 40, athleisure, and pumpkin spice

Let's Get Lit - Smells like good vibes and fresh cut grass