Bong Appetit

$ 30.00

Mastering the art of cooking with Weed. 

Everything you want to cook and eat- on weed. 

Now that prohibition is ending and more and more states have legalized cannabis, there is a new generation of savvy, sophisticated home cooks who are interested in weed cookery but would never touch one of those nasty, leaden pot brownies of the past.

Enter Bong Appétit, the Joy of Cooking for those of us interested in serious, delicious food with cannabis.

Based on the popular MUNCHIES and VICELAND series of the same name, Bong Appétit breaks down the science of infusing oils, butters, milks, alcohol, and more with cannabis, and offers recipes ranging from weed brown butter gnocchi to cannabis chimichurri to, yes, pot brownie sundaes. Along the way, the book hits on cannabis politics, dosage, and pairing strains and flavors, and has tips from MUNCHIES' vast network of friends and experts, including Bong Appétit series stars Ry Prichard and Vanessa Lavorato.