Blood In My Coffee

$ 14.95

Best known as the Fight Doctor, Ferdie Pacheco has lived a dreamer's life. Instead of finding success in just one career, he has excelled in numerous fields. He's been a successful pharmacist, doctor, boxing cornerman, television commentator, screenwriter, author, artist, and more. Now the life of chis extraordinary Renaissance man is captured in chis one-of-a-kind autobiography.

With wit and candor, Ferdie Pacheco chronicles his life, from his childhood days spent growing up in the Spanish section of Tampa, Florida, to working as Muhammad Ali's cornerman and physician. Within these pages, Pacheco offers an inside look at the world of boxing, including characters from Miami's famous Fifth Street Gym, the Ali Circus, and working behind the microphone with Marv Albert. He takes off the gloves as he recalls his dealings with the likes of Don King and the Showtime Network. But Blood in My Coffee is more than just a boxing book. It's Pacheco's personal journey of realizing his father's influence from opening a medical office in Miami's Overtown ghetto to campaigning for better safety regulations in boxing. It's proof positive that with a little luck and a lot of perseverance, dreams do come true.