Awkword Moments

$ 14.99

We've all been there: Your boss makes a joke about Schrodinger's cat, and while laughing on the outside you're actually trying to remember what exactly happened (or didn't happen) with that cat. Or you read in a New Yorker article that "Solecism slipped into solipsism into full-blown narcissistic projection." An excellent point...if you're sure what solecism means...or, for that matter, solipsism. 

Here come language gurus and NPR-affiliate podcasters Ross Petras and Kathryn Petras to the rescue! In their breezy and informative style, the Petrases present brief etymological rundowns on words you only kinda sorta (secretly don't) know but use anyway...hoping you've got them right. They cover the foreign phrases we hear in science, art, and philosophy, from Latin to French to German and beyond.