Artisan Sourdough

$ 29.99

Wholesome recipes, organic grains. 

Over the past century, bread became a fast-dough production commodity But lately, there has been a movement to reclaim organic, whole, and slow bread. This is not just a revival or a moment of culinary fashion -sourdough, the oldest method of bread baking, has never been more relevant or popular.

From creating a starter to baking and serving delicious loaves, Artisan Sourdough is a full-color illustrated guide that demystifies this traditional bread for the home baker. With an emphasis of local, heirloom, and ancient grains. Artisan Sourdough introduces the natural ingredients used it artisan baking, and offers clear step-by-step instructions and photographs that break down the process of making and maintaining a stable starter, "setting the leaven.* and baking up the perfect base loaf. Fifteen no-fail whole-grain variations, including rye, emmer, spelt, and barley, ensure unique and hearty loaves, every time.

Artisan Sourdough comes complete with cook's notes and a troubleshooting section to help you avoid soggy bottoms, overbaking, and other common problems. It is the perfect starter guide and indispensable resource for beginner and advanced bread bakers alike.