Aged & Infused

$ 28.00

Aged & Infused, a Chicago-local company made up of proud, self-taught mixologists who love to experiment with the liquors, gadgets, and garnishes.

After all, anyone can be a home bartender! Our delicious, all-natural alcohol infusion kits are designed to empower anyone with a curious palate. In one easy step, they transform everyday cocktails into cozy, hand-crafted goodness with seasonal ingredients like apples, ginger, cranberries and cloves (and zero added sugar!)

They’re the perfect gift for “Miss you!” “Thank you!” “Congrats!” “Just because,” “Happy housewarming!” “It’ll get better!” and “You need a drink…” just to name a few. Whether you’re making a drink for your roommate, boo, coworkers, or just your wonderful self, we’re here to make it extra special. So grab your shaker, step up to the bar cart and let the happy hour begin!