Adult Stuff

$ 12.99




Sometimes your first steps into the "real world" send you falling flat on your fave. It's natural to be optimistic about new experiences, but most of us set ourselves up only to be let down every time. And disappointment hurts like a $%&*#.

NEWS FLASH: You don't have to be an Einstein to survive adult life. All you have to do is keep your expectations realistic. That's where Robert Boesel and Matt Moore (a.k.a. your new best friends/big brothers) come in. They'll guide you over the impending hurdles of adulthood, including:

- Your first apartment––you can't have nice things

- Business trips––if they were meant to be fun, they'd be called vacations

- Pets––you are in no position to keep a creature alive! Plants are iffy too...

And much more! From constructing your first IKEA-filled apartment to trying to land your dream job (and landing at the bottom of the corporate ladder instead), Adult Stuff gives every aspiring grown-up a much-needed reality check on how to conquer life's challenges like a champ. It's much easier to fly high when expectations aren't holding you down!