A Woman's Guide To Cannabis

$ 16.95

Using Marijuana to Feel Better, Look Better, Sleep Better- and Get High Like a Lady. 

Women of all ages are using cannabis to feel better and look better. And no wonder; the right dose will RELIEVE ANXIETY, LIFT DEPRESSION, MELT STRESS, REDUCE INFLAMMATION, and MITIGATE THE ONSET OF DEMENTIA AND OTHER SIGNS OF AGING. Plus it'll BOOST YOUR MOOD, EASE ACHES AND PAINS, EVEN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT and GIVE YOU A GREAT NIGHT'S SLEEP. And a dose just for fun? Well, that works, too! So if you're equal parts curious and apprehensive, or you're a one-time smoker who's coming back, or someone enjoying the benefits of cannabis but eager to learn more, this lively, knowing, and information-filled book is just the supportive guide you need.

By Nikki Furrer