A Happy Life in an Open Relationship

$ 19.95

Discover the secrets to successful open relationships.

For anyone curious about open relationships, here is a valuable handbook from an expert in love, sex, and communication. In these pages, relationship therapist Susan Wenzel—who is in an open marriage herself—delivers skillful advice on how to navigate the complex emotional landscape of multi-partner relationships, from polyamory to swinging. Featuring illuminating stories from Susan's own experiences alongside compelling anecdotes from her work with clients, this book provides advice and exercises on:

Developing trust and communication skills, exploring sexuality and desire, building confidence and self-worth, setting healthy boundaries, overcoming jealousy, and so much more!

Delivered with warmth and candor, A Happy Life in an Open Relationship is an alluring read and an invaluable guide to cultivating harmonious, pleasurable, and fulfilling open relationships.