1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments

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* THE PRESIDENT who boasted about campaigning in all 58 states, page 50

* THE POP STAR who couldn't remember why she was getting an award while giving her acceptance speech on live television, page 2

* THE CELLIST who forgot his $2.5 million instrument in a taxi, page 147

* THE CHEF who roasted the previous evening's earnings that he'd hidden in the oven, page 157

* THE ROCKER who no longer remembered any of 1975, page 116

* THE ACTRESS who couldn't recall that she had a brother––or a sister, page 14

* THE OLYMPIC OFFICIAL who neglected to signal the end of a race, page 18

* And of course THE ESCAPEES FROM JAIL who left behind a detailed plan for a post-break crime spree, including where the police could pick them up, page 164