Hiking Americas National Parks

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Hiking America's National Parks will inspire hikers, walkers, nature lovers, and future stewards of these national treasures to get out there and really get to know our parks. Grab some comfortable hiking shoes, take lots of water, check in at the visitor centers, and go have fun in the best playgrounds on the planet.

America's 63 national parks are made up of some of the greatest geographical, geological, and ecological wonders in the world. Since Yellowstone was establish more than 150 years ago, the idea and ideals of

America's national parks have spread around the globe. Featuring spectacular photography by Jonathan Irish, this information-packed inspirational bucket list encourages hikers to walk past the trailheads and fully explore our nation's crown jewels.

To be designated a national park means the place must be outstanding and important. Through author Karen Berger's fascinating descriptions, this book allows you to experience each park up close and learn exactly what it is about each location that earned it a place in the exalted company of America's national parks. The highlighted hikes described range from easy half-mile nature walks to strenuous full-day hikes to multiday backpacking trips. Each hike is chosen to showcase what is pos-sible: long and short, hard and easy trails featuring mountains, canyons, waterfalls, wildlife meadows, forests, wildflowers, deserts, glaciers, volcanoes, beaches, and more. From Acadia to Zion, this is the definitive guide to exploring our national parks.