Goddess Energy

$ 18.00

Awaken the Goddess within through spells, rituals, meditations, embodiment practices, and journal prompts

In this introduction to the Goddess across time and cultures, and Her many expressions of myth and magick, Gabriela Herstik guides us toward connecting to the Goddess in ourselves and establishing a relationship with Her that is personal, empowering, and transformative. Goddess Energy covers topics including:

the history of the Goddess, Her role in modern society, and why it’s imperative that we begin to work with and honor Her
how Goddess energy is for everyone, of any gender expression or sexual orientation
connecting to the elemental power of the Goddess of the Earth
calling on the Goddess of Protection and Healing in moments of need
transforming your life into a ritual for the Goddess of Love
the potent mysteries of the Dark Goddess and how to embrace the shadow self
honoring the Goddess through glamour, astrology, and sex magick
working with ritual, tarot, journal questions, and affirmations to attune to Goddess Energy
and much more

    The Goddess path is one of alignment with the heart, with the universe, with nature—and with ourselves. To honor the Goddess, we don’t have to go through anyone else but only remember the divine within. This is your power. This is Goddess energy.

    The Goddess is calling…Are you listening?