The Quitter's Guide To Finishing

$ 14.95

101 Ways to get where you want to be. 

Are you someone who starts a project ... joins a club… goes on a diet ... and then gives up?

That’s the old you. Be the new you, a finisher." Betsy Schow will cheer you on with 101 pieces of advice that are, by turns, practical, inspirational, and entertaining, including: 

"Choose the mountain: Goals are not one size fits all. What matters is that the goal fits you. Find your Everest.

“Sit down to get different view of where you stand."

"It's okay to be down sometimes. It's not okay to let it stop you from finishing. Set your timer and have a five-minute pitty party. Then change the narrative.”

The Philosophy of Finishing will change the way you see yourself.

By Betsy Schow