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A crunchier, grainier, herbier, heartier, tastier way with vegetables.

A "saladish" recipe is like a salad, and yet is much more. It starts with an unexpectedly wide range of ingredients, like Japanese eggplants, broccoli rabe, shirataki noodles, or Bosc pears. It emphasizes contrasting textures - toothsome, fluffy, crunchy, crispy, hefty. And marries contrasting flavors - rich, sharp, sweet, salty. Toss it together, and voila: an irresistible symphony that's at once healthy and utterly delicious. 

These unfussy one-bowl wonders range from the intoxicatingly aromatic (Toasty Broccoli with Curry Leaves and Coconut) to the colorful and hearty (Red Potatoes with Chorizo and Roasted Grapes) to the bright and refreshing (Watermelon with Chrysanthemum and Shiso). The recipes, over eighty in all, are organized seasonally and so simple to prepare, whether for a full meal (Farro with Five Jewels) or a perfect side (Baby Carrots with Carrot-Top Pesto). There are ingredient profiles and step-by-step techniques throughout, and each chapter includes a fun menu to turn your saladish creations into an impressive party spread.