Brew It Yourself

$ 24.95

The Two Thirsty Gardeners are leading a home brewing revolution.

Richard Hood and Nick Mole show that cresting your own delicious alcoholic drinks can be surprisingly quick, easy and inexpensive. Taking their two great loves - alcohol and gardening - these Two Thirsty Gardeners will provide you with inspiration for turning a surplus harvest, a visit to a fruit farm or a delivery from a supermarket into a fantastic variety of drinks.

From Pear & Ginger Cider and Viking Ale to Raspberry & Thyme Whisky and Limoncello, the 70 recipes in Brew It Yourself will take your home brewing to new heights. The book cutlines the basic approaches to each drinks method of production, debunking myths, celebrating experimentation and taking the fear out of the science of fermentation. Join their homebrew odyssey.