7-Day Sugar Cleanse

$ 21.99

One week to a healthier, sugar-free you.

Do you constantly crave simple carbohydrates like breads, desserts or sugary drinks? Do you treat yourself to "one cookie" that quickly spirals into eating the whole box? Have you tried to cut back on your sugar consumption before, but ultimately caved to your cravings? You aren't alone! Stop being controlled by your sugar addiction once and for all by following this simple, achievable one-week sugar cleanse, designed by integrative nutrition health coach and www.makemesugarfree.com founder Leisa Maloney Cockayne.

This quick and achievable cleanse is made up of seven days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes that are flavorful and satisfying enough to help you quit sugar cold turkey, without feeling like you're missing out on enjoying your meals. Choose from tasty options like:

  • Quinoa And Goat Cheese Burgers
  • Bo-ho-llandaise Poached Eggs
  • Coconut Chicken Dippers
  • Coconut And Vanilla Overnight Oats
  • Sage Pork Cutlets
  • Parma Ham And Arugula Cauli Pizza

Leisa includes a bonus chapter of healthy meals to enjoy post-cleanse, to help you continue being conscientious and keep you from sliding back into unhealthy, sugar-laden habits. She also shares lower-sugar versions of your favorite desserts--because breaking your sugar addiction doesn't mean never eating the sweets you love again! Instead, it's all about enjoying sugar in moderation, without being controlled by urges and cravings. 

A former sugar addict herself, Leisa will guide you step-by-step through successfully breaking your addiction and start reaping the benefits of your new sugar-free life!